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Little personal trivia, my first buildoff here was 10 yrs ago in the MBBO. So yeah I gotta build something or two in the tenth year of being here. Schwinn since I'm only 60 miles south of Chicago. XR7 because I AM down to clown...🤡
Wait! Are those bearings real Blue Balls? As far as I know they haven’t been “made” since the Mile High skate shop in Colorado went bust.
No, just some overseas copies. They’re included but I will probably just use reds. I have tons of them
I’m imagining something wheelie cool. 😎
You in I can recall a really sweet tank tank
208733-24035C13-BCE8-4F4F-A178-39356432D396 (1).jpeg
I’m imagining something wheelie cool. 😎


Here’s hoping. Test fit was quick and smooth with scrap hardware and mock up wheels

Considering the facility I got these from uses about 5000 of these pieces a month it should be no issue to get tons more
I've got some weird ideas for a class 2 build swimming around in my head. Someone wake me up before I try to build it.
We are master enablers

Nobody here will talk you off that ledge good sir
I don't even know what's in your head.
But now I want to see it too...
The one I'd really like to do is an adult sized Huffy Rail based on the frame from an Eldorado, like the one @Jake Sensi built in this last build off.

It might not be easy to find one of these so I may redo the top tubes on a frame I had to resemble these. I'm thinking 24" rear wheel, 26" fork, 20" front wheel, etc to compliment my '66.

This will take more time, tools and parts than I'll be able to muster for this MBBO so maybe next year. This time around I'm thinking I might go really tall or really fat. Built out of junkers of course.
I see an adult sized pig bike in your future.
I’m thinking the same. Basically what I did for last years big build off. All of my build off bikes have been 26”. I broke my girls muscle bike down for frame bits when I build this bike as motorized. I think I’ll throw together the bits for a quick build.

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