Why would anyone want to make ratrods?

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Feb 20, 2012
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I would just like to ask why People like making ratrods, and taking parts from classic bicycles and making, in my opinion, ugly bikes (for the most part), if you wanna make ratrods ou of 90's parts go ahead, but it really bothers me when people ruin old vintage bikes and turn ino something so "blah". Now this is my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone. I am just looking for why someone would rather take parts and essentially destroy old bikes to make new ones, instead of preserve them?
I dont mean to offend, just looking for answers.
Think of it like this, its like how many 60s 6 cyl. mustang do you see around mint? You dont.. most the bikes people here build are like the 60s 6 cyl. mustangs. you rarely see someone modding a rare bike on here most of the time they will preserve it in its current condition and ride them. If you going to flip out on someone flip out on the scrappers in the world that think of the old bikes as just scrap metal.
Rat rods are great for the enviroment, turning rusty gold into something other scrap. Reduce Reuse Recyle! build a rat or two!! you would be how surprised fun it is assemble something thats not a trailer queen and have little no $$ into it, just my two cents! welcome to RRB!
Most of the bikes I build are built from parts from other bikes. I would not destroy a nice rebuildable bikes if they are complete. The fun with a rat bike is ITS JUST ABOUT FUN. BUILD IT AND RIDE IT. have FUN...Most people who see me on my bikes, SMILE and wish they were on COOL BIKES.
Then again I believe if you own something you can do with it as you please.
I hope that all old bikes find a home of some kind, enstead of being JUNKED. Rat rod bikes do make people aware of value and COOLness of old bikes, and could lead you or me to a good project for the future.
KEEP COOL OLD BIKES OUT OF THE JUNK YARD. Restore'em, Kluncker'em, Rat'em, BUILD IT your way and RIDE IT.
:lol: :lol: are you lost?! :lol: :lol:

I cut these bikes up just for guys like you :wink:
it's just a bicycle.
don't take it all so seriously (only the guys on American Pickers are going to get rich on that old Monark you found)

my bikes LOVE to be ridden. make it ugly, make it comfortable, make people look at you in disgust, or have them give you a thumbs up.


1- "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
and.... 2 - I still love you, brother :mrgreen: welcome to our forum :wink:
oh and both first and 3rd bikes have been painted, i can post the most recent pictures if you'd like.
To try to be nice here let me start by saying the Rat Rod style is open to interpretation. If you don't get it don't hate. I like to be different and it's not like whatever I do to a bike can't be un-done. I guess for me it's all in knowing things can be beautiful and not be shiny and new.
For example:
As found (AT the scrapyard by the way)

How it sits currently.
My bikes cover all genres- Rat, Restored, Original, Custom; but the one thing they all have in common is that I built them for me. I like, no love the way my bikes turn out. If someone else likes the way they came out then congradulations, we have similar taste. I have hacked and cut mint condition Schwinns because they were mine and I didn't like the way they were. This forum has room for all of our different taste in bikes and with very few exceptions we respect each other's builds. If someone builds a bike that i don't care for I don't reply to their thread. Mom always said "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all."

You don't have to like every bike built on here, but you should understand not every one will like your bikes either.

Welcome to the forum. I hope some of these comments help you understand the love of our rat rods and old bikes in general.
The old bikes are just unrealized potential. its about personal creativity, unless the bike is a mint original to be saved I say slice it and dice it. Make it your own :D . Just like the kids in the late 50's did. They didnt care about keeping it original, and neither do I.

Reason why people rat bikes is the same reason you came on here to ask the question b/c they can.

You may not like it but its not your bike. The owner of said bike can do what ever they what with their bike. That's the beauty of freedom, your opinion come off very aggressive and dismissive towards other that do rat their bike as if they have to defend their decision.

Have a good day and just gave fun with it.
Great first post! This thread will have us looking at a whole bunch of rat rods.

Here's my 2 cents worth. The frames on these two would have been scrapped because of severe pitting.


Why ratrods ? I personally started trying to put together an old bike out of parts that were laying around rusting. Later when I discovered ratrodbikes.com , I became fascinated by the creative people that have chosen metal (rusty bikes) as their medium. I have spent several decades in art and have to recharge my creativity by being around folks like this site seems to draw.
Why rat rod bikes...for me it could have as easily been clay, paint or some other media but to create an art piece that is so interactive is just plain COOL.
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