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Finally got the front tire today, a 24" x 3.0" (real width 2.5") and installed it on the rim. Man it is a killer look on the bike.

New Front Tires 1.jpg

New Front Tires 2.jpg

New Front Tires 3.jpg

New Front Tires 4.jpg

New Front Tires 5.jpg
Very nice Ryde. If you run rear fender............. Slam the fender too the Tire. =)

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Built the Truss Rods today out of 1/2" steel tubing and they came out good I do believe. To bend the steel tubing I heated the area I wanted to bend until it was red. Then I bent it a little bit and applied more heat until red again and bent some more. I did this until I got my desired bend.
Truss Rods 3.jpg

Truss Rods 4.jpg

Truss Rods 5.jpg

Truss Rods 6.jpg

Truss Rods 7.jpg

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