The PAU OPER - A work bike on vacation

Sep 19, 2007
Re: The PAU OPEReration

You are right, it looks real nice once you see the whole bike. The close up threw me off. And I certainly couldn't bring myself to cut that springer either. Ingenious solution.
Nov 18, 2007
Re: The PAU OPEReration

WOW! That thing has come a long way! Smart choice keeping it the same color. Looking forward to seeing the new tires on it. Great job!
Feb 14, 2008
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how does the springer work without rockers on it. can't tell by the pic. or am i just stupid today? nice work can't wait to hear the storie on the bike.


Outlaw :mrgreen:
Sep 21, 2006
Re: The PAU OPEReration

OUTLAW said:
how does the springer work without rockers on it. can't tell by the pic. or am i just stupid today? nice work can't wait to hear the storie on the bike.


Outlaw :mrgreen:
I think those are hinged up at top in the fork crown or whatever the black part is. Neat because just looking at it you wouldn't expect it to work.

Cool fork for a cool bike.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

Yup Outlaw, today only, you are stupid. :lol:

No, no, no...kidding.
locojoe is right.
In the exploded view a couple pages back, you can see how it hinges at the top with a pin on either side.
I'll shoot some springer action vid for you when I get my handlebars....whenever that will be.

Thanks for the words guys.
It's starting to look like a bike again.
The paint is still just primer, but it will stay white.
Feb 14, 2008
Re: The PAU OPEReration

oh thank you an i thought i was stupid today. ya know how it is sometimes, you look at something too long an it just doesn't look right. i see it now an some pics would be kool. ya know how we all like that bike is trick.

Outlaw 8)
Re: The PAU OPEReration

I need a bearing for my '62-ish Bendix coaster hub.
Looks like another trip out to Hanks! :D .....closed Sun and Mon :(
Went to a bike shop near my house for the bearing and they asked if it was off of some sort of European bottom bracket.
NOT...they didn't have it.
Strike three on that shop for me lately.

The red-striped Bendx hub and front hub cleaned up nicely with carb cleaner and a toothbrush.
Hired my kid to tape off spokes on one of the wheels.
Black paint job went well.
Replaced a spoke in the rear.

Still waiting on bars and tires.

I'll grind on more cheap wrenches while I wait.
Maybe I'll paint the frame more.

More pics soon-ish.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

Went to the bike shop in the high-rent 'hood.
One of the technicians disappeared in the back for a minute and came back with two new ones.
He was as surprised that they had them as I was.
2 bucks...sold.

Paint jobby went well.
Hubs look as new...inside and out.

Made another fitty cent wrench.


I'll get my tires today (Tues), but I don't when the bars will arrive.
I hope I don't have to go chrome, but that would not be a terrible fate.
As soon as I get them and see how things look as one, I'll rip it all back apart and finish painting the frame.
It's actually been raining here lately.
Too humid to paint anyway.

It'll start looking like a bike again soon.


Dec 4, 2006
Re: The PAU OPEReration

nice tool fab. I have done the same thing as it is a good excuse to make sparks.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

It's amazing what expensive tires will do for a bike. :lol:

The handle bars are for another project.
They are ok, but I don't like the way they tweak my wrists.
Black apes are supposedly still on the way.

NOT thrilled at the reflective stripe on the Franks, but not upset.....sure wish they were totally black.
They're neat tires, though.
I like them!!!!
Can't wait to roll 'em!

My bike shop guy had his shop broken into last night....more of the storage for repair bikes.
Pissed off customers.
Man, I hate thieves.
Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
Re: The PAU OPEReration

very cool bike i did not read the intro did you post about what is the story of this frame? it is very interesting. i like what your doing with it and nice bug whats in it that is a purdy serious exhaust your running.
Re: The PAU OPEReration

Thanks guys!
Trip to Hank's tomorrow.

1915 in the Bug.
Dual Weber 40IDFs and an Engle 120 cam, comp header w/hide-out muffler.
Driven daily.
My precious.

I'll write up about what I know about the history of bike frame soon.
I have a couple more things to find out, if I can.