1940? schwinn ratty truck kustom ALL DONE PICS ARE UP!

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i had this felt billet sprocket laying around so i installed it for now


not very ratty looking in my opinion but i have another laying around you will see later.


this is closer to how it looks now again sorry i made such a jump in the build but once you get on a roll it is hard to stop. i swapped the red tires for these kenda 24 x3 rear and 20 x 3 front. it gave it a much better bobber look and my boss was a little pissed i used the red tires anyways. here you can also see the green and white S seat. before that i tried a chrome banana seat pan that looked great but it was needed for something else so i found this one. it looks better anyways. oh yes and you can also see my bar setup. basicly the kruzer king steer tube was just long enough so the top clamp would mount but no more to mount a stem. i thought about it and found a crappy set of aero bars that had 31.8 clamps which happened to fit the legs perfectly. whack them in half and there ya go clip on drag bars.
i knew this was gonna be a sick bike! dont know why the schwinn mafia would be so upset about the tabs....they are kept and could easily be welded back on if converted back to stock!!! :roll: but then again did you see what someone on the schwinn site was freaking out about today?!?!? guess ya never know what to expect from some people :idea: *wonder if anyone has a bike with original air in the tires?* :mrgreen:

better shot of the front end and the handlebars which are actually very comfortable to grab because of the tall front end. i was almost screwed installing the fat front tire because it was a lot taller than the red one and the clearance was very tight between the tire and the lower crown.


i made this setup yesterday out of a rack bracket. i had the license plate from another build so i removed the paint and polished it. the light is a lowrider deal. these are actually really nice i have seen a cheaper one but was supprised when i saw the quality of these.


better pic of the plate and light.
this is just the ridding mock up stage. i have a bunch more things to do to it. i have a red band 2 spd hub that is going in all the pinstriping and a few other tricks. i will take some better pics of her tomorrow.
Black tires rock.. Personally i would run ape hangers on this bike, Nothing extreme just a regular set...
thanks guys yes the seat has already been slamed that was so i could hang it in the bike stand. actually the ridding position is not nearly as dangerous as it seems and if i want to sit up more when cruising i just rest both hands on the top crown and sit up. it is funny you mention the tire clearance it is very tight. see when i first set it up i did so for the smaller diameter red tire which was 20 x 2.125. the new one is 20 x 3 and is taller. i actually had to cut a small relief in the lower front part of the crown to make it fit. the flip side is now the crown actually curls around the tire. the other night i took it out for a shake down slash beer hop ride with a fellow hooligan of mine and at one point the front tire picked up a rock. when it got caught between the tire and the crown i saw it go shooting out in front of the bike (think baseball practice machine).
there is much to be done and more pics to come next will be the rear wheel which is going to be redone with a very special and rare bendex 2 spd hub. a friend gave me a really cool kickstand for it off his prewar rollfast cruiser so i have to make a mount for that. stay tuned and thanks for the comments. as many of you know i was not able to finish the last build off bike so for me this is redemption.
well to make you feel better i did it that way so if in future i wanted to make it stock i could weld the brackets back on. the nubs were saved and are hanging on my bench sort of a reminder of the carnage. new pics uploading as we speak.
new pics. first off that rare bendex green band 2 speed. as the story goes these were a short run of hubs that were intended for the stingray and have heavy duty springs and close ratios but the cost of building such a hub out weighed the gain so they went with the 5 speed derail setup we all know. i got this hub from a long time schwinn collector so here it goes.


second photo shows the cool top caps my buddy helped me make for the fork. he had a lathe and saw the ugly caps that i had in there before. we stuck in a chunk of aluminum and this is what we came up with


third photo shows her as she sits now. the chain guard is on and you can see the new and final sprocket i came up with. it is of unknown orgin but it is 52 teeth and is made out of aluminum. you can also see the first brass clamp that i made for the tank plate.

well because it is aluminum i thought silver king as well which follows this build as far as lets see how many rare parts we can rat into this bike :) .
man that thing looks tough!

I will now be looking for one of theses! gives me some ideas...i think i saw one brokenn in front of depaneur near by!

if you can, post pics of you riding it!!

how does she ride?