1940? schwinn ratty truck kustom ALL DONE PICS ARE UP!

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another shot of the front end
two kruzer king lights mounted canting in towards each other. the mounts hide the clamp of the lock ons really well i dig these lights.
This bike looks awesome...still trying to figure out how you ride this thing without getting an uppercut. :D
Rat Rod said:
This bike looks awesome...still trying to figure out how you ride this thing without getting an uppercut. :D

I was thinking the same.....Make sure the dental insurance is paid up.
I got a couple of questions/comments

I watched this with curiousity from the beginning and don't take my comments wrong because I think this build is daring and bends some of the rules... well all of the rules to be exact and thats what makes it a great build!

#1 - I am having a hard time with the fork sticking up so much higher than the rest of the front end. I like the downtubes and all, just not sure why it doesn't look like it fits.

#2 - I try to build bikes that ride comfortably, but until I see a video or some pics of you riding it, I just can't understand how it is. I try to visualize my 6 foot frame on this and just can't. HELP ME! LOL

#3 - Ummm, the green seat?? Looks like you took it into the bar on St Patrick's day. I love the green hub and other accents, but seats are sacred. Hmmm, gonna have to look at it longer and see if I can digest it, errr did I say that??

#4 - Fianlly, I love how it breaks all the rules and it has inspired me to try a few things on a future build!@
Wow..... reminds me of a Triumph Speed Triple with those dual lights.

If some bikes look like board trackers, bobbers, choppers, or cafe racers, then this one is definitely a "Street Fighter".

Oh, and I've seen him ride this, and it seems to ride just fine for him.
thanks for all the comments especially yeshoney because i like hearing others ideas of how i can make a bike better other than just saying cool bike. i agree that the fork legs are very long and if the frame was really bad i would have shortened the part that sticks up above the top tube. i just dont have the heart to do it to this super rare frame. i found out that most likely it is a 1947 frame which is the first year after WWII that schwinn started producing bikes again. and in 47 they made just over 4000 cycle trucks total which makes her a rare bird so yea i could weld those tabs back on easily but to reweld the head tube?

.... i keep forgetting to do that normally i take pics of her in the morning when i am all alone then i get to work so i forget. actually it is not bad at all i am 5'8" and it fits well. originally i WAS going to lower the clip ons till my chin was right on the stem but it looked stupid and one of the things i build into all my bikes is ride ability. i PROMISE i will get one of the guys to shot me sitting and ridding the ratty truck for you non believers.

the reason behind the green is simply because i have never done it before. i figured the dark green brooks would tone it down a bit and with the copper buttons, and rails it would carry the look of the tank pannel clamps. the other reason for the green is it is the trade mark color of the bike and car club i am in "THE HOOLIGANS".

i wanted this bike to really push the edge. both for rat rod bikes and one that would make schwinn colectors cringe. i will not lie that this is not the sort of thing i normally build which is sleek and looks like it is going fast sitting still. but to all i have talked to i say this. the whole build is basicly taking a mack truck and making a hot rod out of it.
there ya go hey mike come over to the shop and i will let you take her for a spin and tell me if your chin is going to get split. better yet you can take pics of me ridding her.
I've seen this bike up close and it does look like it'd take stingray's lunch money. very tough.
Karfer I REAALLY Like this bike.. I doubt the front tire would fit the original forks so.. Maybe extend the legs a little more so the tire dont look like its rubbing? Maybe a fat seat with big old springs? I would run ape hangers on this bike if it was mine.. I LOVE THIS BIKE!
Here's a bunch more pics of the Ratty Truck I took for Karfo today. We got some riding shots to show that it's a fully ridable bike. I got to ride it too (woot!) and with the tall gearing and the 2-speed this thing can really fly. Feels like a little racer.

Here's Karfer riding it:



Here he is busting his chin! :mrgreen: Ha ha!

hey thanks mike for helping me with the pics (i forgot mine at home). i dig that last pics of our two bikes together you should take some better ones of your ride and post them. anyways as you can all see this is a very ridable bike and ANYONE who does not think so is more than welcome to come give her a ride.
I just put some pics of my ride in the gallery, and thanks for letting me ride the Ratty Truck!
pshchotruck and then some

okay, that's unique. I've been waiting to see someone do something different with a cycletruck. That's different. I like it. Is it rideable for you?
Who me? Yeah it rides awesome, but I'm a little big for it. (too many twinkies) Karfer's a smaller guy than me though so it fits him perfect. (see riding pics)