1940? schwinn ratty truck kustom ALL DONE PICS ARE UP!

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on the shake down run we rode a bit over 10 miles and all is good. it will be better with the two speed once the drive train is all taken care of i can concentrate on a few other things i have planned. everyone who looks at it wonders how it rides so i tell them to just try it and they are very supprised. cycle trucks are rather short so you are not as bent over as you would think. now if i had done this to a normal cruiser i would recommend keeping your head up at all times when ridding.
thanks i hope to have some progress pics up in the next few days. playing with a new bell setup i have never seen tried before but so far it is battling me. i took her out for a spin with the two speed and it is a lot faster almost too fast but very comfy with the old s seat and 3 inch wide tires.
karfer67 said:
i took her out for a spin with the two speed and it is a lot faster almost too fast

TO FAST?! NEVER!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Your bike has a spell on me. Whenever I come to the board, I'm drawn to your build and when the pictures come up, I find myself staring at each of them for several minutes! I really like how you've rodded it. Thanks for working your MOJO, both on me and your bike! :shock:
some new pics for you guys. getting closer to the final setup


finally thought it would be a good idea to roll her outside and get some better photos.


kool shot from the rear. here you can see my first attempt at the suicide bell arm. this one was made from a springer fork strut toped off by a very old bake-o-lite knob. it looks cool but is too heavy and causes the bell not to work right and the way i ride my bikes would have eventually broken off.


just another cool pic sorta a snail's eye view


gimmy yo lunch money the ratty truck is in town
karfer67 said:
gimmy yo lunch money the ratty truck is in town

HAHA, that is tough lookin. the forks with the fat tire are wicked. Please post a riding pic.
i will i keep forgetting to do that. i have to take some more pics tomorrow of my new and improved bell arm setup that works great as well as my super cool headlight setup i came up with. took it out yesterday for a bit of a high speed run down the street and this sucker is fast once you get going. second gear is tall with that big front sprocket. easy 25 plus and i was not even trying.
cman said:
How about some lights like this? Big and Bright

i second that
:shock: wow you read my mind with the light setup. i have had them done for a week or so just have not had a chance to upload the pics (i am on dial up). you are very right with the light setup i chose but i had to put my own spin on it. and thanks for noticing the green nipples i like to have little things like that in my bikes. i have enough to do every other spoke in the front wheel just gotta get around to doing it. i took off the rear light i did not like it very much and am working on a old model A tail light that was given to me. if i can remember i will take some new pics today.

new headlight setup in low beam


same with the painted green high beams

new and improoooved i think? here you can see the headlights, the shortened bell lever that works now and my green brooks seat


better shot of the seat and bell arm