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Sep 27, 2007
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sac. valley
well i guess ill toss my hat in the ring too :mrgreen:
had a frame sitting in the garage awaiting death at the dump so ill give it alittle(pun intended) new life.....
this started life as a womans huffy 26" 3 speed(like the one Rat Rod picked up not to long ago). it will end up as either garbage or a ridable bike for my boy when hes tall enough. yeah...............
heres some of the carnage ive inflicted since i got off work tonight :lol:



you better put the foam back on that stand.... your gonna scratch that paint job hahahhahahahhaha
got to go to my mothers house and grab my sisters old fair lady for the s7's,chain ring,tires and crank. then off to college to see if i can find some forks, pedals, grips,and bars. i also know where that brooks i picked up is going now! got some of it tacked together to get my geometry right.so far so good :shock:
now i just need to get some 1' round tubing
I think it takes a lot more imagination to "shorten" a bike, then it does to stretch it. I like the bike, your shoes...... I'm not so sure. :roll:
Come on "Flip" that down tube, give that "Little he/she" a wicked RAKE! 8)
Okay, I get it now! That silver/black thingie is the TOP tube. I "see'! ........That's gonna look nice!
KOTA said:
Okay, I get it now! That silver/black thingie is the TOP tube. I "see'! ........That's gonna look nice!
yeah it the handle off the wifes floor sweeper but its got the bend i want for the top so i just use it to mock things up and make sure itll flow well(forgot to put it back fri. night and HEARD about that the next day :shock: )
you boys better bring your mad skillz. sensor came by the shop the other day and raided the back of the shop for parts so he is serious. i have decided to sit this one out and catch my breath sensor can attest to how it has been at the shop so let the games begin. you guys would have me covered anyways. good luck to all and nice shoes :D
well its almost resembling a bike again......
got alittle bit more done tonight wouldve been more but i can NEVER remember all the tools i need to bring home :roll:


and thanks for hooking me up with the parts karfer!
no worries just happy to help a fellow ratter out. lookin good
heres some of the parts i got from the collest bike shop i know of :mrgreen:
pedals..... kids person supremes.....

seat.......brooks b66(was gonna go on la cucaracha.....but didnt)

sting ray forks and truss rods.....(truss' were gonna go on my wifes typhoon but didnt look right.....i think theyre electra)

tires are 20"schwinn spitfires. got a couple of other things to take care of(like make some brackets, find some bolts, get a 16" crank and chain ring, find some bars, and get the truss' bent to flow alittle better)
might not be a 30's colson when its done :wink: but how many kids do you see riding a shrunken mead around?
and yeah............ill even post a vid of me on this beast when its ridable :lol:
well this took some patience :shock:
heres the forks almost finished. just need to run afew beads to get my height right then grind her even and a new set of small truss forks are born!

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