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I really like what you did with the truss forks on this.
Can you post a shot of just them, when you get a chance, o d o we have to wait for the finished product?

2 thumbs up! (there should be a thumbs up smilie...)
okay........ got alittle bit more done on this now my bars have been sectioned and now flow with the size of the bike instead of being to HUGE........

heres what was taken out of them......

now i just need to make a tank(maybe a toolbox one so i can mount a horn in there :shock: )......
and tomb ill post some pics of the forks when i finish them completely(still need to make the bracket that goes on the steer tube)
joshua....dont worry! there will be a vid of me riding this as soon as i go through everything and repack it all(try not to fall out of your chair laughing at the 6' guy riding an itty bitty bike though :lol: )
okay greased everything and went for a very short test ride.......heres the riding vid i promised(anyone who gets motions sickness may not want to watch my wife doesnt know how to operate a camera too well :roll: ).......

its actually not uncomfortable to ride :shock:
maybe you should have her ride the bike and you film. :lol:

i like what you did with the handlebars. I couldnt find any little cruiser bars so I just stuck with the originals.
thanks! yeah she didnt even know how to start filming :roll:
i saw some of the 20" half moon style on ebay but i have no idea how much they were.......maybe i can find the link for you
edit..... sorry couldnt find them
wow i am every impressed. i dont know what i am going to ride on the second sat ride yet. i sorta sold half pint to one of the tiny bike guys. still bring 20 or less lol. nice job
the ONLY way im gonna ride that is if you ride a itty bitty also!!! good to hear from you!! thought something mightve happened(guess work and clubs and making cool bikes takes alot of time!! :mrgreen: )
yea sorry life has been busy between work, working on a secret project bike, club turmoil etc it has been hectic. glad i sat this one out sit back and watch the insanity insue. darn then guess i gotta build another quick huh?
finally got alittle more done so far just finished of the forks and made the tank(not fully welded in the pic but it is now)unfortunately it wont have a horn :cry: really wanted to put one in but since this is an itty bitty bike it just didnt have enough space for one.........


tank still needs ground and glazed but its almost there :roll:
well.....all the fun parts are done now its in primer.....

and ill be doing my favorite thing :x blocking everything and then glazing and blocking again and then priming and blocking again(talk about boring repetition....... :roll: )
boardtrackfan..i do have colors picked out just not sure of which combo i want to use yet(my sons still pushing for red but well see.......) it will have a standard motobike design(thats all ill say for now :wink: )
well..........was sitting out side looking at all the things that i need to do on this thing and :idea:
the etching primer on the tank is such an awful color thats what ill use to make my base...then grabbed a badge i had lying in the garage and the actually look good together.........so heres the color combo im sticking with
baby poo green and john deere green!!! :lol:
Haven't been paying much attention lately! But hey, it's nice to see a pic WITHOUT your shoes (jk)! ......Really though, this thing is looking so good, I might just have to vote for it myself! :lol:
thanks kota.......heres a shoe shot for ya!!(just to sway the vote away again :lol: ) got the frame blocked, smoothed my welds out and reprimed and about 95% blocked out so this weekend will be wrapping up paint and loose ends(still havent decided what color lines im gonna use yet..and im down to 3 cans of 1shot.......so who knows :roll: )
heres the shoes!

and the forks before lines and clear....

the clear will be very muted thanks to something i found from my youth! ill say what after its done with paint :mrgreen:

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