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cool joshua! cant wait to see what you have in store still :mrgreen:
well 30 minutes of my life are gone now......

dont know if itll work or not yet(rear cogs done also)but i should find out this weekend.......
(and yeah.......its the same one from my rrbbo #2 bike.stripesll be changed to the colors of this one)
well spent about 2 hours getting the scallops laid out last night but they turned out alright so.......i guess it was time well spent :roll:

frames waiting for some clear...... then i just need to finish smoothing the tank,prime,block,reprime and put some color and pins and this thingll be ready for assembly(and none too soon.......this things kicking my behind!)
thanks adapt and id say the same about you!
Can't wait to see it with the clear. It's already one of the nicest jobs I've seen!.........All your time and effort is really showing now. Make sure you do a "start" and "finished" pics at the end of the build! NICE!
well....just bolted everything together to see what itd look like and i gotta say..........i hate taking pics of this at night!!! it always make the wheels and tires look so tiny! aside from that its going okay.......heres a tease pic(itll change by the 12th still have a few minor tweaks to do :roll:

btw still dont know what color im going with for the stripes yet.......gonna take a trip to the paint store and see what colors of 1shot they have in stock :|
Wow! Nice, nice, nice, nice.
you probably have a better chance then me!
anyway......theres light at the end of the tunnel :shock: thisll be wrapped up friday night so it can go to the hooligans show(along with the pixie,the black bike and the wifes)....
its just waiting for this.......

to be blocked and painted(tonight probably) so it can go here.......

have one more thing id like to do to this(if my package ever gets here :x .......COME ON UPS!!!)but its not a necessity(would just look 'right') ohhhhhh well :|
Can't wait to see it with the tank in place. Feels good to see the light at the end of the tunnel,... I'm right behind you. Guys like you and Karfer have taught us to pay attention to "details". BUT, you forgot to tell us how much of a PIA it is. :lol:
try painting pinstripes on an assembled small bike where if you mess up you CANT use acetone to remove and redo(did i mention they can roll some while youre doing it :roll: ) im glad to hear someone else is having as much fun as me :lol:
at least itll be worth the trouble.......my son loves it even though its NOT red :shock:
d'oh!! forgot to mention the clear im using is testors gloss coat#1261 over ppgs etching primer over a dull surface you can get a nice low gloss of if you want it to really shine you can get out the rubbing compound and make it miles deep(gotta love lacquer clears!)
man what a great thread. incredible. how about a pinstripe on the rims?