A-Frame Garden Shed built from preused wood and pallets

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Have you considered adding "knee walls" to your design ?
Had to Google this one first... 🤔
But to answer your question: Not until now. But now I might consider it to solve one particular storage problem I couldn't get my head wrapped around.
What are knee walls any way? Thanks for sharing...

As I wrote above: I had to Google this as well...
Back in the garden, the first task of today was to unload the trailer. Now all the flooring is stacked up and ready in the garden...

Next up is to empty the toolshed and move all the stuff over to the tent...
I already started this yesterday.

Next items on the list are:
  • Tearing down the old shed
  • Prepping the site for laying down the foundations
Let's see how much I can get done today...
Task one for today is done, toolshed is empty...

...and all the tools and the other stuff have found a new temporary home in the tent:
I lived in a small WWII era cape that had the small attic crawl spaces created by knee walls, and there was crayon drawings on the walls in there. I thought it was adorable, part of the houses soul.

Also, those small crawl spaces are good for built-in drawers.
Made only little progress today, as I have to take care of our sick youngest this afternoon while my wife is out studying...
Managed to get rid of the remainders of the old shed.



Then I tried to install a string level grid by fixing some slats on the same hight outside all for corners of the new shed.
To get the slats onto the same hight I used a hose filled with water to mark always the same hight on the vertical slats. If this Iis done properly I can pull strings over the slats that are always level...
So much for the plan and intention...


When I was done I realized that at some point I made a mistake and I need to redo the measuring. I think the hose was leaking and the black part proved to be very stiff and therefore a bit unhandy...

When my wife is back later, I will give it another try...
I will give it another try...
Better now...

If the weather is ok, I can dig the holes for the foundation tomorrow. Unfortunately the forecast isn't that good... 😕⛈️💨
We will see.... two days behind schedule already 🙄
The weather wasn't that bad today. Lots of wind and a mix of sun, clouds and a little wet sprinkle here and there. As the alternative would have been grading students work, I decide to get at digging in the garden...

First task was to set up the string measures. I adjusted the strings alongside the square I made to position the hut and marked the strings positions on the slats. This will make it easier to set the foundations on the right spots.



Then I also marked, where I wanted to dig holes for the foundations.

After this I could disassemble the square, as I have no further use for it.
To get the size of the holes right I cut two pieces of slats to the right size and screwed them together.


Then I went at digging... The basic idea of my foundation is to dig through the dirt (Erde) until I reach solid ground (aka clay (Lehmboden)) and then level the holes with gravel, put in a concrete plate (Betonplatte) and stack bricks onto it.

After the holes where done I had to get them to the same level. The shallower ones just needed a few shovels of fine gravel, for the deeper ones I used bricks or simple stones to fill them up.

During this process the strings came in very handy as I always could quickly check, if I managed to get the gravel to right hight already.
Once the correct depth was reached I placed a concrete plate on the gravel.

Until I had to leave (kids duty calling), I managed to get all 9 holes dug and leveled. In three of them I already placed the bricks. Looks like I need four layers to get above ground...
That's it for today.

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No progress on the building site, but still good things happened.
First the lady that I got the flooring with the newspaper bits from texted me. They finally managed the take out the last piece of flooring and if I wanted it.
Of course I wanted and picked it up today. It's the nicest one in the hole bunch:

Earlier today, after doing my weekly shopping I quickly checked the prizes for the wood that I still needed to build the swing up part of the roof. 60€ new, but the wife set the budget to zero until end of month. So I went at "ebay-Kleinanzeigen" (kind of a German craigslist) and checked for "IKEA Kura" beds (not my first rodeo with this kind of bed). And guess what, there was one for free and just half an hour drive away. Now it's mine!


This will provide me with the wood I need to build the swing-up roof. Sometimes one just needs to be patient long enough until the pieces fall in place.
So now I need two more things to show up for an affordable price: 4 squaremeters of Perspex or similar and about 15 squaremeters of corrugated roofing...
just little progress today. As school starts again on Monday I needed to do some grading and prep work in the morning. After lunch I went to the garden to finish up the foundation. When finally checking with a log only the middle one was a bit to low. Some more gravel took care of that. Then I had to rearrange my wood as the logs I will need first where on the bottom of the big stack. Now everything should be ready to actually start building...
Btw: I love making stop motion movies... 😉



Cheers! 🍻👍
Today I started off with building a sturdy worktable from 4 pallets and the roof from the old shed:


Then I went at the heavy logs that will become the subframe for the floor. I didn't use powertools today as it's Sunday and it's Germany...🤷
But it's really satisfying when you do all the work yourself instead of letting a machine do it. And there is no need to do a workout... 😉

That's the basic plan

Here's how far I got today:

And of course I made another speed up video of my work:

That's my camera setup:

Oh, and I got one for the tally for @MattiThundrrr
Saw tooth versus finger

+1 for the tools
Wanted to laugh at your joke, but, ouch! Bloody! The pencil will be a souvenir. You gotta play safe, team!
No big deal. Just a little scratch, but as always, when it's at the fingertip, it takes a while until it stops bleeding... 🩹 👍
Today after work I managed to squeeze in some quality time at the building site. I managed to finish all the joints of the subfloor grid just before dark (hence the somewhat foggy picture...).

Now all the logs are tucked away back under the tarp. On the weekend I will have to do some fine-tuning here and there and then I will start with the roof beams...