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Fenders are finished and installed.
Almost there...

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Picked up a livestock gate hinge at my local TSC farm supply store this morning to use as a headlight mounting bracket.

$3 and almost ready-made for me and my application. Only have to drill out one hole to 1/2” to fit the bolt on the headlight and add a little bend to it.

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Drilled out, bolted up and installed...

I don’t think I have the heart to rat-ify the actual headlight though. Almost feel it is a sacrilege to mess with a 60-70 year old farm relic. Adds a little splash of colour to the build too.
The bracket is too shiny and new looking though...

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Man, I love the light mounting method you came up with!!!
Joining two Dollarama COB LED mini work lights together to convert a headlight seems to be a little like neurosurgery.

Then again, I don’t profess to have a degree in electrical engineering either.

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I used the same hinge for a headlight mount on one of my bikes where I needed something heavy duty, too. It almost seems made for the job and I love that light. Sorry about the fender, but it's looking good!
The front fender is actually a rear fender mounted backwards so this hole was used to mount the fender to the frame between the lower rear stays.
Decided on this one last night to cover the fender mounting hole.

Have to eat all the candy before I can take it apart and mount it though...
PEZ anyone??

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