>>>LACKLUSTER<<< Done.

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The little doodad reflector I picked up in Arkansas really wanted to make its way onto the bike. I had a leather belt I picked up at a yard sale... and this is what I came up with. It may stay, it may not... IDK.


Re: >>>LACKLUSTER<<< Doodadadded.

CRASH said:
Doodad's are great!

Hey, what is that chain guard? That shape would look good for an idea I have.
Crash its the guard that originally came with this Newsboy Special frame. Its Columbia. You have a whole year to lets these ideas fester!! Good luck with that.. :D
Re: >>>LACKLUSTER<<< Doodadadded.

I'm not able to get up to the shop to do some welding for a couple days yet... So all I can do right now is mess with silly doodads and make templates for my rocker extensions. :)
Re: >>>LACKLUSTER<<< Doodadadded.

I like dem dare wheel doodads better than french fried taters , uh huh!
Re: >>>LACKLUSTER<<< Custom BO-07 extended rockers.

My son is here for the summer, up from San Diego, and he wanted to ride his Firestone next to LACKLUSTER. I told him I couldn't ride it until its fixed. He said "well fix it", so off to Sonoma we went (to the shop). On a side note, he also said he wants to be a member here. So tomorrow I will set him up as Critter Jr. :D Atta-boy!!!

I was in rocker-mod mode!!

Started off by using some red dye and scribed the outline of the template on some 1/8" steel.

Once I got both templates cut out, I beveled the edges on both sides for good weld penetration.

Ready to weld.

At first i just spot welded so I could check them next to each other. They were off a little (as you can see in the pic) so I ground the edges side by side to match them perfectly. I also used this opportunity to locate the center of the new axle mount location and drilled a 1/8" hole through both.

All welded up! Time to grind... After both sides were ground smooth, I stacked them side by side again and finished drilling the axle holes and made the slots.

Yep! I had to logo them with our BO-07 :mrgreen: (The 7 is an upside down L but whatevs.. :p )
Tomorrow I'll fit them to LACKLUSTER & see how it goes.. I should now have about an inch clearance between the Jerald slick and fender. Whoo hoo!

Peatbog said:
Those rockers came out sweet.

char said:
Very cool man! Really good work! :D

fordsnake said:
A brilliant idea and nicely done.

Thanks so much guys.. It was the only decent solution I could come up with.

I got the rockers mounted today & took it for a ride. I jammed it into every curb, pothole & bump I could find and no rubbing whatsoever! Now, me being me... Visually it looks kinda like an old gasser with the raked front end. The fender is now a little too high visually. I'll find a happy medium and I'll grind away about an 1/8" to 3/16" at the axle mount point to bring it back down a little. There should still be plenty of clearance for the springer to work. Here are some pics for now.



Re: >>>LACKLUSTER<<< Custom BO-07 extended rockers.

Great job on those rockers.
Gotta protect that paint!!!!
Re: >>>LACKLUSTER<<< Custom BO-07 extended rockers.

Critter Jr. and I took the bikes out to the bike trail today. It really feels good to come through on my promise to him... I told him I'd build a big brother to his Firestone so we can both ride similar cool bikes together, and I think I accomplished that. :)


Re: >>>LACKLUSTER<<< Custom BO-07 extended rockers.

Nice work...looks factory! :wink:

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