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Going from 3/4 hp to 2 1/2. I think it’ll have enough hp. Plus I’m having the head decked .060 which should raise the compression and give me even more hp.
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Got the tool box lid attached and box mounted, now just need to design and install some kind of latch.


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I remember this interview where whatever the "secret formula" was for some drag racing fuel, it always contained some fancy wine.

It became a running joke, like:

Howard: "What fuel are you running today Jocko?"

Jocko: "Well, 70% alcohol, 20% nitro, and 10% Napa Sonoma Mendecino 1972."

Howard: "Was '72 a good year for fuel, Jocko?"

Jocko "I guess we'll find out in a minute, Howard."
Lovely job on this retro motorized bicycle. I noticed the notches in the left rear wheel stays and was wondering if the rear wheel was hard to work out of the frame for flats and such. Your clutch handle reminds me of the reverse bar in steam locomotives. The steam locomotive reverse lever was called a Johnson bar.
I looked back and realized it was almost a year to the day for this build. Didn’t quite make the deadline for the build off, but I did get it finished ! Thank you to all for the compliments and likes, it makes building these contraptions worth it !
Are you able to start this motor by pedaling then pushing your clutch engagement lever forward and thus spinning your motor. I noticed you had a very nice speed for your bike. Not too fast. Lots of fellows I know are trying to cheap substitute a motorcycle and gear their motor driven bikes to ridiculous speeds.

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