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I can start it by pedaling and engaging the belt or pull start with the rope. My goal all along was to make this a slower speed rider with the looks of an older board tracker. I also noticed where lots of motorized bike builders are building for speed, not paying attention to the fragility of the frames, wheels and bearing sets, tires and brakes. Most guys are building speed bikes with cheap Chinese components and taking some serious chances. I raced motorcycles in my youth and got that out of my system years and years ago. Time to slow down and enjoy the ride !!
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Excellent. Your board track king is just right and looks awesome. We have a bunch of guys here that put those 80cc two strokes on their bikes and shortly the bike is crabbing down the road because the power is bending the frame and forks.
Well I took my bike out today to its first show. A neighboring town about 20 miles west of me had their 26th annual motorcycle show. I was a little worried that they might laugh me right out of the show, but they loved it ! I had so many bikers come over to look and ask questions. Most were surprised that it wasn’t an early 1900’s production bike. I registered it as a 1949 as that was the engine’s build year. When it came time for judging and voting , I was tied for 3rd in people’s choice (no trophy) but I did get the trophy for oldest bike !