Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

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These were posted previously, but Webshots "improvements" ended my account with them. the Previous thread was:
Formerly Both of Catahula's Klunkers .. DONE! (OK, Almost!)

Several years ago, I had the chance to get these two partially done bikes. Once here, they were given a little more love. The first is a '36 Schwinn double bar that the frame design hit me like a brick. I love it! The Girvin front fork elastomers were melted all over the tire and fork on arrival, so the first order was to find replacements. Cleaning up the remaining goo from the meltdown was a pain! It took a couple of nights to get it all off. This one rides like a Rolls Royce - VERY quiet and smooth.
36 Q14112 A.jpg

36 B67.jpg

The other is also a '36 Schwinn, a B98. This one was really interesting as there were a lot of little things that were added to the frame to set it up for late model parts to be applied. It's a lot of fun to ride and has the 26" rear wheel and 29" front, 8 speeds, and mechanical disc brakes. The rear hub was not working right, so it was switched out for one that does.
36 M7622 A.jpg

36 B98.jpg

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Started out with a 3G Isla Vista beater. 3 piece bmx cranks with sealed bearing bottom bracket and 44T chainwheel, sealed bearing Weinmann wheelset with 16T freewheel, Landing Gear fork, Black Ops stem. Comfy, smooth ride!
Sears Twin Top Tube Lightweight 500. It was just the frame when I got it and for some reason I though it was a 20" bike. I put 20s on it and said to myself hmm it could fit 24s. I then put 24s on it and said to myself ....! it could fit 26s haha.



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My new daily rider (build off bike in progress). The frame was built in the Philippines some years ago.
(Now finished 29 sept)
DSCI0167 - Copy.JPG
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Wildcat, Can you post the photo again? When I click on the attachment it's not there. I'd love to see it. I'm loosely connected to the Philippines via my wife and daughters, though I haven't been back there in nearly a decade.

Thanks in advance.