lets see those old school / custom shifters.

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Kingfish likes him some suicide shifters

Downtube mounts aren't bad at all, but seattube mounts is a little more of a stretch.
Installing the three speed on my Spoiler was a challenge. It took some assistance from some of the good folks over at the Schwinn forum, notably Wayne, and Chopperguy. With their advice, plus the donation of a pair of anti-rotation washers, I was able to get the hub fitted properly in the frame. The shifter was another problem. I wanted the suicide shift mount, but I did not want to have to weld, or drill the frame. After weeks of brainstorming, the idea finally popped into my head. I made a backing plate to fit between the chainguard and the frame, and drilled for four bolts to clamp the shifter mount in place. Materials- some 3mm aluminum plate that I suspect came from a road sign, and the steel ring that might have been a mount for a garbage disposall- I'm still not sure. The rest was hacksaw file and drill. Primitive Pete engineering, for sure, but- hey, it works.




Next project is the sissy bar. I'm stuck again, because what I want to build takes welding, and tube bending. But who knows- I may get another flash of inspiration.


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