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Missed out on an old monark but loaded the car with a huffy built monark and for some reason I had to have this woman’s bike. It’s starting too feel like a sickness when I’m willing to load them in my car
Can’t find a serial number on the woman’s bike. Any clue what it is before I start having to remove paint
Havnt found the serial on the woman’s bike yet but the crank has HM 4 CO on it. Couldn’t save the fork sadly. I really like the patina on it
Took some welder to save the frames most people would have thrown away but now I’m back up to 4 project frames. 51 men’s huffy, 53 scwhinn woman’s, the monark by huffy and then the greenish woman’s frame seems to be a 54 huffy.
Black one is in fact 51 huffy according to the serial.
Can't be a '51, Schwinn still held the cantilever patent at that time...I think it was '58 when every manufacturer under the sun started making cantilever frames after the patent expired.

That Huffy-Monark is pretty cool :thumbsup:

not the scores of the century but a local antique store purchased an estate and my wife’s uncle called me about these because they don’t deal in bikes. Rather then see them turned into yard art I decided they would be good parts. The Montgomery wards seems to be late 70s and the Ross I’m unsure of but it’s missing the tank so it will become parts too. Strangely I think you could just air the tires up and ride both of them.
Went too buy a space liner and this doesn’t seem to be the same as My 26 (this is a 24) so I can’t rob the tank etc. now I’m not sure what I’m going to do.
Solid Timberline. Looks like it's wearing Shimano STX, my favorite group. What condition are the Indys? Forks for this era can be the trickiest part
Forks seem ok from limited riding. My spine really can’t handle the lean so I’m buying a riser and seeing if the bike is comfortable that way. I might end up just selling it but the price was right
Went to pick up a piece of skiptooth chain to fix my sons Scwhinn yet again. Problem is my bike fund had some money in it and my wife left me unattended. I’ve always wanted one of these springers