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Been a while since I went and purchased a bunch of junk. Most of it useless but 5 bikes just because I wanted the stem off one. The green lady’s Huffy is so clean I almost feel bad parting it out.
Was at the doctors office today browsing market place when I seen an add for a “scwhinn double fork bicycle” it was up for a week at 30 bucks so even though it wasn’t scwhinn I figured I’d message. Guy said 20 bucks buys it today, so 50 miles each way later

Sadly the springer is bent a bit. Woman’s monark I’m 95% sure. While there I seen some other handlebars in his scrap pile. He said I was free to look.
Mostly Walmart stuff but this big ugly weld got my attention.
It’s a boys 24 inch of some sort with the top tube hacked off. He threw it in on the deal if I dug it out.

I was not prepared today so the van had the backseats in it.
Turns out the bend isn’t very minor. The trip doesn’t seem as good now. Going to talk to the one welder I trust enough to do this and see if he’s willing to weld a different steerer tube on.
Welding on a new or longer steer tube is not a hard job.
just needs to be "sleeved" and plug welded in addition to the butt weld.
An old stem is a good source of "sleeve" material.

The old one might be straightened.

Note: The metal thickness of many steer tubes get thicker the closer to the crown.

Of course, that is your fork, and you need to be comfortable with the "fix", if done.
It's hard to imagine how hard a hit that must of taken.
yeah it looked slightly bent but this was hard. theres a gouge on the tube from rubbing inside the frame while they kept riding it. amazingly both these bikes had bent forks. the yellow ones just arent worth saving.
Best I can tell for now is the huffy is 50s and someone just changed some parts when they did the repaint. The part that’s throwing me is the fork
So I drove 60 miles to buy a hard rock this morning and the seller stood me up. Slightly annoyed I decided to purchase this guys 8 bikes and all the parts he had and fit them in my wife’s van. The Marin is the one I wanted and sadly the cool looking Raleigh has a bent fork. The brown scwhinn racer may be a skinny tire entry, the guy rode it 6 miles to meet me for the deal so simple clean up there.

My wife’s supposed to stop me from doing dumb stuff like this, she didn’t. I have a crapload of stuff to sort thru this week and a lot will probably get scrapped
These weren’t hard to find, a friend asked if I wanted some 26 inch bikes he wasn’t going to use
i missed having a monark so that alone was worth the trip for me
Schwinn, some sweet 80s ish cruiser and something with a euro BB 😂
I’m out of space again. But should be in for next summers build off
What kind of weird Schwinn is this thing, I ignored the seat and grips but the headset and wheels are also Schwinn. Guessing it’s 80s with the euro BB
My guess would be they hit something and bent the fork back, and beat the frame in to clear the tire.........Curt
My guess would be they hit something and bent the fork back, and beat the frame in to clear the tire.........Curt
Na fork is straight and actually pretty raked (it’s the only part I cared about) the frame had several large dents in it like someone just beat it. Good starting point for a C2 next spring
Stow and go to the rescue. I thought this ad was a scam at first because it was 13 bikes for less then I paid for most frames and the photo sucked. I decided to make the hour drive anyway for the two guys frames they had pictured. Was a fantastic deal and a nice guy. 13 bikes in a minivan!
Huffy of some year I’m going to try and sell before I part it out
tandem frame someone had stripped.
Schwinn 3 speed that ended up having a cracked BB and is now scrap piled
single speed Schwinn.
The only lady’s frame I saved.
Firestone I think is huffy built?
Girls frame of some sort I saved the forks out of.
Randoms guys Schwinn that is now in the frame pile.
The Murray built frame that I made the drive for. Also I think I’m in for mbbo now.
Probably the saddest one in the scrap pile. Read triangle had rusted inside and split.
How I spent my afternoon, still have the red huffy and blue firestone to break down if they don’t sell. Overall eventful day.

Just realized I forgot to post the Hiawatha


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