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The other frame that I saw in photos and wanted. Gambles badge. Decided to strip all these in the garage so I could use power and cutting tools
View attachment 246112View attachment 246113Stow and go to the rescue. I thought this ad was a scam at first because it was 13 bikes for less then I paid for most frames and the photo sucked. I decided to make the hour drive anyway for the two guys frames they had pictured. Was a fantastic deal and a nice guy. 13 bikes in a minivan! View attachment 246114Huffy of some year I’m going to try and sell before I part it out View attachment 246115tandem frame someone had stripped. View attachment 246116Schwinn 3 speed that ended up having a cracked BB and is now scrap piled View attachment 246117single speed Schwinn. View attachment 246118The only lady’s frame I saved. View attachment 246119Firestone I think is huffy built? View attachment 246120Girls frame of some sort I saved the forks out of. View attachment 246121Randoms guys Schwinn that is now in the frame pile. View attachment 246122The Murray built frame that I made the drive for. Also I think I’m in for mbbo now. View attachment 246123Probably the saddest one in the scrap pile. Read triangle had rusted inside and split. View attachment 246124How I spent my afternoon, still have the red huffy and blue firestone to break down if they don’t sell. Overall eventful day.

Just realized I forgot to post the Hiawatha

Love that Firestone!!
Tore the Murray apart tonight and what is this monstrosity of a seat
I tear them down for easier storage and so non used/saved stuff can go in the scrap pile. In 2 weeks I ended up with 20 more bikes. Some are saved for projects, some are up for sale and some are headed for the scrap yard because I’m out of space 😂
I’ve been holding onto a crusty monark frame for the summer build. Needed a fork and today at Easter my father in law told me his neighbor gave him a bike to sell in exchange for cleaning the shed.

It’s missing half the tank and a woman’s bike but I may feel bad parting this one out.
This hub is wild looking. Bike still rides


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Great thread! Just read the entire thing. You are a collector not a hoarder and I encourage everything going on here.

Although I think it would be a sin to part out the latest jc Higgins ladies bike.
Went and bought some cheap forks today. Couple of cheap back wheels

Picked up the half of tank

Came home and my son had went and picked these 2 up for me. My wife’s grandparents bikes. He passed away and she wanted them gone. The ladies bike was 1 owner.

Not time for sentimental attachment this time

So it was a solid parts day as a guy who swears he doesn’t need to buy anymore bikes to build. Selling bikes is a pain and I don’t need more 😂

I’m ready for the next build off now. Actually while parting bikes out today I think my entire build off plan just changed from strandy to tetanus