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The other frame that I saw in photos and wanted. Gambles badge. Decided to strip all these in the garage so I could use power and cutting tools
View attachment 246112View attachment 246113Stow and go to the rescue. I thought this ad was a scam at first because it was 13 bikes for less then I paid for most frames and the photo sucked. I decided to make the hour drive anyway for the two guys frames they had pictured. Was a fantastic deal and a nice guy. 13 bikes in a minivan! View attachment 246114Huffy of some year I’m going to try and sell before I part it out View attachment 246115tandem frame someone had stripped. View attachment 246116Schwinn 3 speed that ended up having a cracked BB and is now scrap piled View attachment 246117single speed Schwinn. View attachment 246118The only lady’s frame I saved. View attachment 246119Firestone I think is huffy built? View attachment 246120Girls frame of some sort I saved the forks out of. View attachment 246121Randoms guys Schwinn that is now in the frame pile. View attachment 246122The Murray built frame that I made the drive for. Also I think I’m in for mbbo now. View attachment 246123Probably the saddest one in the scrap pile. Read triangle had rusted inside and split. View attachment 246124How I spent my afternoon, still have the red huffy and blue firestone to break down if they don’t sell. Overall eventful day.

Just realized I forgot to post the Hiawatha

Love that Firestone!!
Tore the Murray apart tonight and what is this monstrosity of a seat
I tear them down for easier storage and so non used/saved stuff can go in the scrap pile. In 2 weeks I ended up with 20 more bikes. Some are saved for projects, some are up for sale and some are headed for the scrap yard because I’m out of space 😂

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