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May of 1984 Kuwahara Lazerlite
That's literally as light as a laser! Very nice acquisition. The dropouts are gorgeous!
I got curious about just how much it weighed and it weighs in at 1.97 kilos which is 4.34 lbs. Which even by today's standard isn't bad.
Traded off my bandit bike this morning for a Haro and a Redline.

Then saw this absolute steaming pile of awesome on the way home... I had to stop and take a picture. This thing is insane! I love it.
Traded off my bandit bike this morning for a Haro and a Redline. View attachment 247069View attachment 247070View attachment 247071View attachment 247072View attachment 247073View attachment 247076
Then saw this absolute steaming pile of awesome on the way home... I had to stop and take a picture. This thing is insane! I love it. View attachment 247077

They're both really nice, but that Haro is killing me. So many sweet pieces. Love the Kneesaver bars, love the crank and sprocket
I had a Zippo like that. Absolute tank

But that Redline got me 😍
Traded with a good friend of mine and got something that tugs at my heart strings a bit. So back in 1999 I bought my first brand new bike from Victory bike shop with money I had saved from flipping bicycles and mowing yards. That bike got stolen a few years later and I never saw it again. I have always wanted another one and tonight I added another bike to my permanent collection. This 1998 Dyno Air is identical to the bike I bought all those years ago and now it hangs next to my other childhood bike that I rode there to buy the Dyno. My Huffy Racing 50.

Another day another parts bike... Bought this Mongoose Mode for the straight lace wheels which will probably go on my lowrider bike project or possibly the Kuwahara Lazerlite build.
At this point I think we can call this thread "Look what eye candy Outskirts Customs got this week" 😂

Well this one was on marketplace locally and I have been missing my blue fat bike so I bought another one. I like the previous owner's customization and style but may do a few slight upgrades. On the plus side it has brand new 26x4.25 tires, new grips, new seat that is more comfy than it looks, and a new stem.

I still miss my baby blue though.
If all goes well tomorrow I am getting a really cool look alike bike to my 1998 Dyno Air. This 1998 Dyno Compe perfectly matches my 1998 Dyno Air.

The Compe

The Air
I got it! Looks so good next to the air. Also shows lots of differences that I had never noticed before. Like the kink in the down tube near the steer tube. The seat stays attaching to the seat tube on the air but the "Flatbed" on the Compe. The little "Dyno" name plate is in front of the seat tube on the air and slightly behind the seat tube on the Compe.
Before work I decided to go to the local pawn shop and found this Haro frame. He had $50 marked on it so I offered $40 and it's mine. I have kinda a cool idea so I bought it and ordered a little something for it on eBay.
Another week another bike. Found this sweet Schwinn Signature Vantage F3 today for a cool $100. New these bikes were $561 so I scored big time. This is not your average Walmart Schwinn these were sold through the dealer network or by internet order. Very nice bikes. Disk brakes front and rear, 21 speed trigger shift, Threadless headset, and this one has not been ridden much at all.
Decided to do something fun and give my fat bike a little "Re-style".

I present

"Freestyler Fatboy"

New pedals for the fat bike and seat for my Dyno Compe as well as 2 matching seat posts came in the other day so I got those installed after work.
Traded off the Schwinn Vantage today with a little cash for this sweet Fuji mountain bike. I'm not big on skinny tire bikes so it worked out for the better.
Got two more today. I traded off my trike a while back to help out a friend and got a nice kayak and traded it today to another friend for my Schwinn Kokomo back. While going to pick it up I spotted a chrome Dyno and struck a deal for $55 and my blue Haro frame I paid $40 for. I am still identifying what exactly it is I think it is a Zone or Detour. Not sure. It was getting dark so I didn't get pictures tonight.
Pictures of last night's haul. I threw some wheels on just to make it a roller. It's got some haze from where someone probably used steel wool to remove the decal residue at one point so I got some polishing to do before finding a decal set. Frame looks very similar to my 1998 Dyno Air but the D on the rear dropout is different than my Compe and Air (both 1998 models). Serial number puts this chrome one at a 1999 if I am decoding it correctly. (YC99C00805) It has a non original crank so I'll try to find a GT one to match the others as well as another GT seat. As for the Schwinn Kokomo I'm thinking a full strip and repaint in Daytona yellow and black then add some moon eyes stickers and a moon seat.

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