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I don't quite get it, why is this stem so expensive? I mean apart from being rare and such, I can't quite call it a beaut. No offense.

This might shed some light onto the reason......... I made an inquiry from his website and...........

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This might shed some light onto the reason......... I made an inquiry from his website and...........

Talking about being a... o_O

You sure it's Cook Brothers not "some other similar sounding word" brothers?

Still think your build is better - every time I see the name it reminds me of Breaking Bad :21:
After having installed and worked on so many varieties of bottom bracket and cranks over the years: square taper, GXP, octalink, ISIS, splined, BB30, Hollowtech II, cottered, to name a few; there is nothing more simply functional and admirable than the one-piece Ashtabula crank and American sized BB combo. The durability, service ability, and customize-able qualities are unmatched!

Dig your recipe for your own 'custom' crank set, BOC! RaT oN~!
Have fun man!
I love that HotWheels piece you have!!!
Just laying down the color. Going to make my patina black over cream over espresso, not the completely overdone light blue over brown. Sneak coming later.


Coaster Brake Garage
..."not the completely overdone light blue over brown". Huh. Intentional? And if so, to what end?
@OddJob, and we were just talking about light blue. I think it's "the hit" in this year's bike scene :cool2: