BO15 Splinter (or how I learned to love a LOT of sanding)

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Thanks everyone!

Made some progress today
Drawing it out from a projected sketch


Making first cuts


I also decided to make a bowl from the wood, to get an idea of how it forms, but also test stains/lacquer and finish
Perfect wheels tire combo.
Frame is shaping up nicely
There's a guy on here somewhere that has been building a wooden bike over a loooong period of time, can't remember the name just now. :39:
Just ruining a perfectly good set of cranks

I have 6 layers cut of the center, which is the width needed for the bottom bracket. Some more parts, including the bottom bracket will be in on Thursday or Friday of next week. I can't cut anymore till I glue and drill those 6 layers, so I'll be focusing on the wheels for a bit.