(WBO) Super - Sonic......1957 Chevy parts....finished, finished,, FINISHED!!!

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SO, now I have decided that the seat mount needs to be as invisible as possible. Not drawing any attention to it, so that the rest of the bike stands out. I got rid of the aluminum wings and found another seat post that I painted black, hoping it would blend in with the rest of the bike.


The mount was fairly simple, a couple of sissy bar mounts and a grade 8 bolt basically.


Finally, the double post setup installed on the bike. I am happy with the finished product, although it is much different than what I had first envisioned.

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Totally agree on the aluminium wings looking out of place, nice fix!


Thanks Luke..... yeah, not every idea is a great idea!! I may try the "wing" idea again on a different build....... and, I may not.
Well, I think that the back half of this bike is finally finished. In mock ups, I noticed that there was a gap between the rear seat post and the rocket panels on the rack that just didn't suit me. I made a filler panel and blacked it out to cover the gap. I cut the rocket panels to match the contour of the rack frame and attached them.


I like the rear "fin" that is part of the rack, and it really stands out now that the panels are contoured and fitted to it. It somewhat matches the rear fin on the chain guard also. Overall, I am real happy with the look at this point.


With the rear light, I was going for a "jet thruster" look. And, this old kingle-lite suits the theme pretty well. I just built a bracket for it and installed it between the rack panels.


Here are a couple of other pictures with the light lit up. I think that I am ready to move back to the front and start working on those crazy handle bars and my headlight mounts.


I love this space bike. So many cool details and engineering too, but every time I see the name I feel the need to break out my human beatbox and break dance.

Haha...I guess that my kids didn't listen to jj fad. Cause I don't remember this song at all!!
Where did you get those panels for the rack?! Did you make those? Those are awesome.

Thanks Buddy! I believe that it came from an old kids convertible bike. I found it for sale on eBay, I just split it down the backbone and then flattened the panel. I made a couple of cardboard patterns so I could cut the top edge of each panel to match the contour of the rack.
I thought about sticker or even contact paper... but over new paint I'd be leary of anything with adhesive. I like the wet paper trick...

The wet paper is definitely an interesting low buck trick and I think the results Big Ape got are pretty impressive. The pros use things like frisket film, which is a low tack reusable, stencil film available from art supply stores and online. I have seen it retail for about $25 for 10 sheets. At the high end of the scale most sign painting outfits now can computer cut stencils from your digital artwork.
I was going todo waterslide paper as well. Have some inkjet paper on the way. Was planning to mask and clear coat it to the bike once placed.