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This one is currently slipping through my fingers, yet again due to pandemic restrictions.


Seller clearly doesn't know what they have, price is so low, and they've listed it as lightweight aluminum.
$_59 (1).png

I should stop shopping Quebec, but it's where all the sweet stuff is!
The biggest nightmare about CL on Colorado's Front Range would be the multiple posters. There are some bikes currently on in that realm that are posted up to four times for just one area, and the truly obnoxious do that for multiple areas as well. They are usually flippers (dealers in the "by owner" section) who have overpriced offerings, especially with the current bicycle shortage caused by the pandemic. I don't post F/S on CL very often because of this, usually getting buried off of the front page within hours by these spamtastic beings. Scumbaggery Defined
I find the word "serious" in relation to cycling somewhat offensive because seriousness tends to take the fun out of things. Whenever someone feels they are complimenting me with that colloquialism, my response is simply "I like to have fun."

The CL resume' posters can be tiring. We get it, you work on bikes. The kid next door fixes his own flats, so he too works on bikes. Usually when they have a list of places they have wrenched, the question that comes to my mind is why didn't they stay put somewhere? The never put down why they left the places they have worked, which is an incomplete resume', isn't it? Steven Wright is one of my heroes.

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