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I thought there was a reverse fork thread around here but I can’t find it anymore. But there’s plenty of reverse forks in this thread so I’m going to post this pic here.
Not sure who’s pic it is but they completed a “make-over” on the cruiser. Love how they kept the fork reversed, coaster un-strapped and no chain.

Edit: I never uploaded the pic.
Okay so I guess it is a thing…🤔
This Felt New Belgium Brewing bike won't last long!
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Not sure, didn't make it that far! It was 11:20 when I messaged and he told me I had until 12:00 to get it...on Saturday. I'm an extremely busy man!!! I messaged back at 11:36 asking where, he told me the details were in the ad... I was looking for a street address not a city!!! He sent a couple really snippy messages about how I should read the ad better. I offered the prostitute myself on main Street before I did business with him and wished him well.
Currently on Marketplace:

1940s or 1950s Schwinn bicycle. All original, California survivor, original Schwinn seat, springer forks, headlight, bell, even tires look original. Tires are shot. Was going to fix this one up but have too many projects. Asking 250 OBO

So much going on here, it's hard to get my head around it.

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