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had one in pink back in the day
I thought there was a reverse fork thread around here but I can’t find it anymore. But there’s plenty of reverse forks in this thread so I’m going to post this pic here.
Not sure who’s pic it is but they completed a “make-over” on the cruiser. Love how they kept the fork reversed, coaster un-strapped and no chain.

Edit: I never uploaded the pic.
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By the way, I just cracked one of those goosenecks like this one last night. The dang things are worthless.

It was a good day when they decided to move the knurling to the bars instead of the neck.

Who built one of these for the last summer build off?

I’m freaking out a little bit because I saw one of these on the other side of town a week ago, and now this…

Something that I’m starting to notice, that I had not in past years, is guys on heavy workmen style basket-bicycles. The stuff you see on movies of Tijuana. It’s finally starting to show up here.

But these look almost like factory built bicycles, and I’m now wondering where they’re coming from? Probably Chinese bikes that are being rebranded in Mexico, SoCal, or somewhere. Nobody’s building bikes around here.

There used to be a wheelchair factory and I think it might still be going. They were doing welded aluminum frames (Quickie) but that’s about the closest thing I’ve seen here to bicycle building.

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