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i decided to modify the chain guard a little bit more , did not like the front drop , i hamered (the best i could) the little ridge at the bottom to folow the new edge (looks worst in the picture than it actually is)

might change the pedals :39:

templates for the panels are done but still unsure what material ill be using, i would really love lexan glass but its worth more than gold at the stores here..might go for wood finally
If youve ever been on a bike ride with your friends and wanted to play poker....problem solved!
:) hehe , like the other day , with my friend and his cool home made cargo bike with a BBQ strapped on it , we were finishing lunch on the go :nod: it was so epic:bigsmile:

you'll notice Gerry with Ebola was along for the ride too , great time ! :thumbsup:
Looks like she rides like a dream. I still think some sort of mesh would be good for your rack bottom.
yeah , seeing through the rack when its empty would be a plus for sure , i have fencing , but the squares are like (1,5inch square) a little to big +its kind of heavy.. i have chicken fencing , but its to soft ...
ill try to find the right material today ,but if don't find better , it will be 1/8' Baltic birch plywood , very stiff and durable , and weight nothing, almost cost nothing too
How about stretched mesh material?
Did a quick google image search and found this example:

You could probably make something out of an old trampoline mat.
i already told ya you are a visionary :) something similar is in my hidden plan , used in combination with panels :D but not for the bottom
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We have something called "hardware cloth" that comes in different gauges (sizes of the squares and thickness of the wire) that might work....
We have something called "hardware cloth" that comes in different gauges (sizes of the squares and thickness of the wire) that might work....
that the stuff i was calling chiken fence :wink1:
Went with wood .. totally a budget call ,it will be combined with cord nets in front and back and the sides will fold .
i might do some changes to the sides



i have a big can of blue stain :39:
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AGAIN i changed my mind :headbang: ill have to stop planing ahead and just post when its done and official:oops:

decided to lose the folding sides idea , looked way to imposing and simple is better.
had that net laying arond for a while i almost forgot about, its from my mom's car , she never used it and did not want it :113:
its like it was made for my bike :D

sad thing is , i just spent 15$ of blue roap i don't have any use for ,
and about 1h of time cuting and sanding the side panels :doh:
but its for the better:nod:
I think you made the right decision to drop the side panels. You have plenty of anchor points to secure the cargo. It looks much sleeker and efficient to just have the platform. Awesome build.
i really went at it these last days :nod:

I have the fork /rack /stand /wood bed finished
chainguard and tank plate are done too but still needs graphics..
was thinking of making them with vinyl stickers, that way i could change or remove them in the future

going to get hardware to mount the bed to the rack .. ill post pics when thats all togetter

bought a little battery box with integrated switch :happy:, wow i wish i found that earlyer , i use to make all sort of complicated diy batterie holders when i could of just bought that for 2bucks :doh:
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