HAUL-iN ! CustomCycleTruck (Finished)

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If it's a cycle truck, is got to be a old school peterbuilt cuse she's bad to the bone & will haul a load

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Coming along very nicely.
This just keeps getting cooler every time I see it. The graphics look great too. I know I'm not the only one that can't wait to see this finished. It's not even put together yet and you already have my vote. Of course, I am a sucker for a nice cycle truck.:banana::rockout:
If it's a cycle truck, is got to be a old school peterbuilt cuse she's bad to the bone & will haul a load
Big thank's guys for the good words , iam working ATM on the frame , prepping it for paint , so we sould see this thing togetter pretty soon :)
After bondo ,sanding ,filler primer ,sanding ,filler primer etc..
Final PRIMER coat !!

still not perfection , but good enough for the paint to look good

Collor tomorow :D
here are the cans i use on this project

if some of you guys want to see my various past and future projects , you can like my new FB page;)
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Painted !!!:eek::cool:

Tried to put it all back togetter yesterday , but decided to make a chainring change , now i need a wider chain , wich also delay the rear hub wirering

Decided to try to use the original shifter wich had the cover broken , i just decided to screw a big interesting washer over it to make it look cleaner.

Also had issues with brake levers , my 2 best choices of levers were ''vintage'' and verry nice , but only had about 1/8'' pull .. so i had to use what i had at hand 'plastic ugly one' temporary fix to be able to get it on the road .

Have to cut the seat post about 2 '' too , its perfect position as is , but i need to be abble to put both heals down to stabilise he load when iam stopped


Can't wait to Ride !!!:dance2:
Just looks awesome! Hard to believe this is your first scratch build! :thumbsup:
I impress myself too honestly:43::bigsmile:
Nice work! (I feel like I'm repeating myself!)
And I agree with ^ Luke, !
Feels good to hear everytime:wink1::D

Thanks allot guys :)
will probably get the chain tomorow and get it rollin by tuesday:happy:
Functional Art!
Finished ! :cool: :dance2::banana::dance2::banana::dance2:

--Opted for a old SturmeyArcher thumb shifter i found in my parts
shifts pretty good !
--Gear ratio is to be tested , but looks perfect!
--Had issue with the stand cable not holding well in the handle ,That's fixed too !
--The pedals and brake levers might change eventually , but its done and rides so good !
--With everything lubed and tighten , the handling is even better than my first test ride wich i thought was already verry good.
--Not seeing through the rack does not bother at all , even tho the bike looks big , i stand tall on it and see very well the road ahead:thumbsup:

Next thing is to test with a heavy load and long cargo :)