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2005 Mongoose Hoop D is one hanging out waiting to be built in a BMX buildoff. I think it may have caught a BB gun at some point in its life. 32-9 gearing.
I have a frame I could use for a simple off road klunker build. When is the next build off happening?

Dec : off

Jan (1st)-Mar : ORBO and SWBO (off road and skinny)

Apr : off

May-July : annual build-off with class 1/class 2 as usual

Aug : off

Sept-Nov : MBBO

@Captain Awesome
So it seems the decision has been made by You that BMX buildoffs have no place on at all??
Not sure where you got that from

The consensus of the responses I saw was that BMX should be included in the ORBO
Just as a snapshot here is one past set of rules
All rolled into one

This seemed to sum it up best
im wondering how a BMX is not an off road bicyle.... unless ive missed something and a BMX is designed for inner city commuting or speed racing in a velodrme... a BMX is used for one thing only, off road use, be it city parks and footpaths or a dirt track, stunting has become a thing but once road.
i'll be for it
After re-reading the 2016 rules for that ORBO, they do mentioned park and tricks. I should let it go if those are the rules.

Later years it was separated.out and ran along.side of the MBBO.

Apologies. A bit passionate about the topic.
So it seems the decision has been made by You
No decision here is decided by @Captain Awesome there decided by the mods and admins as whole behind closed doors in threads members don't see. So weather it's regarding an individual or a build off good or bad is never solely on @Captain Awesome but all of us he just happenens to be the best messager my English sucks. So please remember if something is decided that you don't like (not saying that's what's happening here) be upset with all the mods and admins.
@Captain Awesome
So it seems the decision has been made by You that BMX buildoffs have no place on at all??

Hmmm. BMX isn't an ORBO klunker nor a Bomber, but it's own class. That's what I thought the consensus was. In the past it was always its own class, was it not?
As far as BMX and such my personal opinion is run it with say muscle bikes a sort of urban weapons things mountain bikes for flying down stairs BMXs for flying off ramps water fountains all that fun stuff that drives normal people nuts save offroad for getting dirty playing in the mud but that's just my opinion

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