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This is what I was given the first time I asked for a bike.
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Fishing has taken a dip.


I guess they let the water out to do repairs to the dam & canals.

Millerton is actually the closest fishing lake to me, and the one I go to least often, being exactly three times in 48 years.
Keeping busy, not working on my trike...
In summer we swapped rooms with the kids. Both boys got there own room now, but we have to deal with one large room for bedroom and office space. So we split the room in about half with a wall of shelfs from the well known swedish furniture company. The last few months we always had to look at the ugly backside of the shelfs when we entered the room. Today I took care of that...


Still to do: repositioning the ceiling light and adding a second one for the office half...
I picked up a free workbench yesterday from my local hacker/builder's discord classifieds channel.

Flagged a neighbor down this afternoon to help me get it out of the truck.



Powered, electrostatic safe top, Adjustable height. Weighs about 100lbs.

It will replace the makeshift workbench in the office that I use for bike stuff. (Two closet doors stacked on barrels)

Painters will be done this week and can get it into the office after the masking is taken down.

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