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This 1977 Raleigh Record 10 speed (Canadian made found that out from looking up the serial #) was given to me it was in pretty rough shape but with no rust when it made to my place. But after a complete tear down and cleaning deep cleaning!!!!!! I replaced the bottom bracket bearing set, installed new koolstop brake pads, new brake & derailleur cables, installed a slightly used ebay found chain-ring derailleur (vintage Suntour), new tires, tubes and rim tape, re-wrapped the handlebar with Newbaum's cotton bar tape and treated the handlebar tape with shellac and corked the bar ends. I then tuned and tuned I rides excellent the wheels are as straight as an arrow 0 rust good ole Arizona!!! This is a fun one to ride.
I got to try out a Swagman rack that was given to me with another trip to the track!

Had the place to myself again for the most part. A couple skaters were having fun in the skate park.

Finally tried out the gloves & helmet I got on sale when first becoming addicted to riding pump tracks. Perfect fit! :thumbsup:


And have found Marcos hot dogs to be great recovery fuel after a workout. Lots of protein & Delicious!🤓

(Spoiler alert!! Gonna try a recently reopened pump track in Broomfield later today I think.....)
I gave my car a much needed hand scrubbing, which took longer than expected. Just went to the Superior pump track to spend a glorious Easter afternoon giving thanks for my blessings.:)

Some of my Dad's ashes are encased in blue glass as a "pocket stone". He likes it when we go to the track!:thumbsup:
As I'm on the campground with the kids for a few days I took the opportunity to take El Capitan Terror out for a ride. I hit the local pumptrack first but as it was a bit windy it wasn't that much fun. Took a video nevertheless which is uploading rigth now. Might take a while as the wifi on the campground is veeeeery slow....

After that I headed over to my favorite spot a the lake of Sacrow.


I even bravely jumped in for my very first lake swim of the year. I made it only for a few minutes as the water is still very cold (two nights ago air temperature was still around freezing)🥶

I spare you the rest of the video, as I only had the towel with me for bathing gear... :giggle:
Righteous looking lake!!! Is Duck Norris a 24 in the rear and 26 up front? I have heard that configuration referred to as a Mullet...............................
Ingola knows, it's the St Lawrence, one of the biggest in Canada

As for the Duck, he's 26x26, that was just a trick of the camera angle.
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