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About 2.5 hours in at 235 Degrees Fahrenheit.

After the bark starts to form, every 30 minutes I baste with Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider.
I thought there was like a law in Canada that you had to have one. I paid almost $300 US for this one 7 years ago, But you can get just as good results with any old oil drum, if you knock some holes in it.
They have just started becoming popular here hard because I live in an apartment mine but by laws don't allow me to have it on my poarch
The meal turned out great, but next time I will use less garlic and more cayenne pepper.

Everyone ate it up, so a success.

Hey, sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut ;-)
Today was Christmas at my wife’s family.

If you like authentic Mexican food, it helps to have authentic Mexican relatives. That’s my third plate, so it was small…
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I would love for you to find out (and let me know) how to make the authentic Mexican rice. It all looks very good!
I would love for you to find out (and let me know) how to make the authentic Mexican rice. It all looks very good!
What makes it authentic is starting with lard and a medium grain rice. Otherwise it’s similar to making Rice-a-Roni.

Fry the rice very lightly in lard, stiring frequently, then pour in some chopped tomato, onion, green bell pepper, chilis, stir, then the water. Cover and Steam until it’s tender, stirring once or twice as required.

Volume of rice used should be 1/2 the volume of water, plus you get whatever comes out of the veggies. If you use a lot of veg it could be soupy.

Use chilis etc carefully to taste. Everyone is a little different, & people like different peppers.
I worked in a plant that made the flavouring for Kraft dinner and cheeses. Just the thought of a cheesy make me queezy. Imagine going home every day smelling like a wet cheese puff 🤮
When I was in school I worked nights in a plant that makes those little cheesy fish crackers. Pepperidge farms.

Fortunately that was not my area. I worked in the area where they made cake & did icing of cakes. Also dehydrated coconut shredding. After working in that you stick to everything.
This is no joke. Do you know what a bale of hay looks like? Imagine a bale of shredded coconut about half the size.

They stuff that in a stainless steel hopper, connected to a big stainless steel box, with a big conveyor belt and big shredder knives. They are basically stainless steel circular saw blades on a shaft. About 50 of them with small spacers between.

I had to climb in there and sew the conveyor belt together while it was (fortunately) not running.
Also no Mexican I ever met would use a green bell pepper for anything.
Poblano maybe, a handful of Jalapeno's sure,
but there's no reason to use a nasty green bell pepper in anything authentic,
with the possible exception being stuck in the artic circle somewhere they don't have good peppers...
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