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NOT bland! I smoked this beef over 6 hours.

I didn’t cook some trad turkey this year.
Smoked pastrami with German potato salad, sauerkraut, rye toast, coarse mustard, and Swiss cheese (cheese not pictured.) A deconstructed Ruben.

The potato salad is served hot, and it’s a sweet & sour dressing, using lots of bacon fat, plus mustard, vinegar and syrup. I used 1.5 lbs thick bacon for 3 lbs red potatoes. O M G . . . Do not make this if you’re on a diet.
Roast lamb on the spitty
I bought a big leg roast, filleted it and clumped it onto the Spindle, just a basic basting of teriyaki sauce, honey soy n garlic marinade and watered down with sunflower oil and a tiny bit of filtered water mmmmm yum 😎

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. . . duck fat reduction . . .
I knew a professional MIG welder who claimed that duck fat was the worlds best Spatter-off. He was big on duck.

I haven’t eaten much duck in my life but I do remember ordering spicy thai duck once, that came crispy fried on a plate of duck fat & hot peppers.

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